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Running in Paso Robles

Distance: 9.00km Time: 1:17 Pace: 8’35 kCal: 881 Heart: 144 RPE: 6 Type: 1 hour – hills training

It’s been a while since I could go out and run with confidence after my injury last month. So when I snuck out of the hotel just after sunrise, I knew that I was in the right place to get back into the running groove and put my worries behind me.

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Temecula 10k Race Report – The Vineyards

Distance: 10.29km Time: 1:15 Pace: 7’22 kCal: 1187 Heart: 148/176 RPE: 7 Type: 10k Race

Okay okay – so this race report is over a week late!
Last week was a hectic week and it took everything I got just to stay on top of my work.

Honestly, I don’t know how all you bloggers and twitter gurus have time to run, read, write and tweet!

But don’t you just love WordPress?
I can simply change the date, back and everything is perfect… or am I supposed to do that?

Yeah – I know…
I’m supposed to write ahead of time and that way, everything is automatically posted.
One day… one day…

It’s like when I used to have the lab report already written up before going into the biochem lab and just fill in the numbers.

But I digress.
This is about running, not my previous years at University.
So where was I?

Oh yes, a race report about the cool run I had in the wine fields. Read on…

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