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Lace Up Those Shoes

So here I am, after my first week of accessing my ability to start running. The good news is that my previous injuries are gone. That bad news if that I somehow gained 20 lbs since then! So I will need to take ti easy so as to avoid any knee and foot problems until I can get the weight down.

Plus, it’s been a little hot and humid the last few weeks with the temperatures hovering around 95-100oF. But I decided to keep my startup runs outside, either at the beach or Yorba Linda park. To slowly build up to a 5k run with no injury, my plan is to do 3-4 interval runs a week with 5 min walk breaks in between as follows.

Week 1 – 4×5 min
Week 2 – 3×10 min
Week 3 – 2×20 min
Week 4 – 1×30 min

So no 1/2 marathon on my birthday this year. But as a short-term goal if I’m feeling good, I might sneak in a 5 k trail run in Olympic National Park after some Kayaking. I’ll let you know how it turns out.