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Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Weights

Distance: 12.28km Time: 1:54 Pace: 9’20 kCal: 973 Heart: N/A RPE: 1 Type: heel recovery

As some of you know, I’ve been having some problems with heal pain (plantar fasciitis) and I’ve been switching between different running shoes to try to find the right comfort and support along with taping, stretching, and ultrasound.

I think my running shoes were the culprit… and though I love running in them, they are a little big and make my heal move too much. Another contribution to this problem and that I’ve neglected any type of cool-down and  proper stretching exercises. Silly, silly me!

So, to avoid making things worse, I’m not running too much and looking to off set my training with swimming, cycling, and weights. Of course the hardest part is finding a place and time do to these ‘alternates’.
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A Lake to Myself

Distance: 7.30km Time: 1:00 Pace: 7’48 kCal: 768 Heart: NA RPE: 5 Type: 3 Miles

Today was my recovery run after running the Pasadena on Sunday.

No heart rate on this run because my battery died just before the Pasadena race.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30 and struggled with the idea of getting out of bed because it was cold, dark, cloudy, and wet outside. Was it raining? It never rains in ‘Sunny’ Southern California.


But come to think of it, it did on Sunday and it even did it the week before for on my only run! Somebody or something is out there taking its revenge on me!

But I like the rain, I like the overcast, it’s not hot. It’s perfect for a morning run. I just try and not worry about getting lost in a flash flood or drowning in a puddle. It’s amazing what positive thinking can do! So….

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Cinco de Mayo 10k Race Report

Distance: 10.07km Time: 1:09 Pace: 6’51 kCal: 971 Heart: 146/166 RPE: 6 Type: 10k Race

Last Sunday I ran the Cinco de Mayo 10k event Reaching for the Cure.
This was the first 10k race towards my marathon training, and I must admit that while it wasn’t the dream race I thought it would be, it was a great learning experience.

If you want to get the point-form of what I learned, scroll down to the bottom. But if you want to see some cool pictures and learn more, read on…


The Day before the big race

Yup – it all starts the day before. Why? Because I was so excited! The OC Marathon was happening on the same day as my race (Sunday) and that meant a really cool Health Expo with lots of great stuff.
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Running in my Sleep

    Distance: 7.10km Time: 0:52 Pace: 7’26 kCal: 746 Heart: 133/151 RPE: 5 Type: 40min (2x Lake) 

    I’ve read about it, I’ve seen it, and I’ve even experienced it while driving a car. A very scary experience. One that I’m proud to say will never happen to me again. As soon as I feel the sleep coming on, I pullover as soon as it’s safe and take a quick 5 minute nap. Even if it means I’ll miss an important appointment or loose my job. After all, life it too precious to take crazy chances like that.

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It feels good to run

Yesterday I went out for my first day of Week 4 pre-training. I was so excited to get out after spending a few days in bed from the stomach flu, but once I was out there and finished my first 20 minute set, my stomach had ideas of its own. So while I couldn’t really call yesterday a run-day, I truly believe that I did a personal best getting to the toilet in time!

Well, today was a different day.


Distance: 9.15km Time: 1:10 Pace: 7’39 kCal: 927 Heart: 138/158 RPE: 6 Type: 2x20min
I woke up just before sunrise – my favorite part of the day.
I slowly moved around pulling out a clean set of running clothes (a big thanks to my wife for doing the laundry the day before). With fresh smelling clothes and the orange-red fingers of morning’s welcome, I went off to the Walnut Creek Reservoir. To keep strengthening my skeletal system and to avoid any injuries as a non-runner, my goal was simple… two 20 minute runs at a comfortable pace.

When I first arrived there weren’t too many people. But then only a few minutes later, the other runner-regulars started showing up. I missed Zen Master, an Asian gentleman in his (late?) 60s that is there every single day at sunrise. The fact that I missed him meant that I was a later than usual (spent too much time enjoying my clean clothes, I guess). I also didn’t see my friend with his two little dogs. They’re such good motivators to get me going when I see all three of them running together (and those tiny little dog feet passing by in a blur)!

Marathon Man was there, running his relaxing, ever Kso quiet and soothing pace. I saw him go around twice before loosing him up the back exit the to reservoir. Hmmm… one day, at the end of all this, I know that I can eventually be like him. Then there was Speedy, a thin 6-foot powerhouse that probably runs a 4-minute mile and the Doctor, who usually runs in the same direction I do. I can always tell when the Doctor is going to overtake me by the sound of his foot strike. Today, both of them were running in the same direction. As they passed me, I saw the slow wave of their hands in a silent g’day or acknowledgment that only runners share.

A few minutes later, I was alone once again, with only my own thoughts and the rhythmic breathing that relaxes my mind. Did I look at my watch? Naw… I just knew that my time wasn’t up yet, so I kept thinking of how nice it was to be outside and simply enjoyed my runs.

My mind was somewhere else and time went by…

Before I knew it, my runs were complete and I was walking my cool-down. The funny thing is that I don’t even really remember that much about my run, only that I felt very… peaceful.

Was I a little out of breath? Yes.
Was my knee bothering me? Not that much.
Did I feel as though I could take on the world?