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Week 5 – Before my trip

So this was the last week I could train locally before my trip to Canada. It rained on Monday during my 3 mile run and poured on Tuesday during my 4 mile run. Wow, you’d think that after the Pasadena run last weekend we’d have enough rain.

But that’s okay. I managed to put a few runs in before going on my trip because I knew I’d have a busy schedule. And boy was I right. After arriving on Montreal my running routine became a thing of the past.

So let’s see how next week goes.

A Lake to Myself

Distance: 7.30km Time: 1:00 Pace: 7’48 kCal: 768 Heart: NA RPE: 5 Type: 3 Miles

Today was my recovery run after running the Pasadena on Sunday.

No heart rate on this run because my battery died just before the Pasadena race.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30 and struggled with the idea of getting out of bed because it was cold, dark, cloudy, and wet outside. Was it raining? It never rains in ‘Sunny’ Southern California.


But come to think of it, it did on Sunday and it even did it the week before for on my only run! Somebody or something is out there taking its revenge on me!

But I like the rain, I like the overcast, it’s not hot. It’s perfect for a morning run. I just try and not worry about getting lost in a flash flood or drowning in a puddle. It’s amazing what positive thinking can do! So….

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