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Swimming with the Masters

Since my heel has taken a turn for the worse, I’ve decided to offset running with swimming and biking.

Running is almost non-existent in my weekly routine for now (though I did go out and do the Color Dash 5k to end Stroke).

So, I started to get out and cycle 10-20 miles a day. But then my bike broke down and ended up in the shop for a week. Now with running out of the picture and cycling on hold, I forced myself to get a pass to the local LA Fitness. Why? Just to use the pool, of course!

I’ve gone everyday so far and each swim has been at least a mile. I went crazy the first day doing almost 2 miles, since I just kept on going and going. Now I’m not that crazy and try to keep it under an hour. I even tried splits and different exercises, but it’s all just so confusing when you’re under water only trying to think (and remember) to hold your breath!!!

Of course I wanted to see how I compare to others. After all, the last time I took swimming seriously it was about 20 (or 40) years ago! The great news is that while I’m not the fastest swimmer at 35-36 min/mile, it does ‘almost’ put me into a Masters 2 Ability to try some neat workouts. Yoo-hoo!

So while I can’t run for now, at least I can set a short-term goal to improve my swimming.

As for cycling?
Yeah! I just got my bike back, so tomorrow morning I’ll hit the pavement (after tonight’s swim, of course!).

Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Weights

Distance: 12.28km Time: 1:54 Pace: 9’20 kCal: 973 Heart: N/A RPE: 1 Type: heel recovery

As some of you know, I’ve been having some problems with heal pain (plantar fasciitis) and I’ve been switching between different running shoes to try to find the right comfort and support along with taping, stretching, and ultrasound.

I think my running shoes were the culprit… and though I love running in them, they are a little big and make my heal move too much. Another contribution to this problem and that I’ve neglected any type of cool-down and  proper stretching exercises. Silly, silly me!

So, to avoid making things worse, I’m not running too much and looking to off set my training with swimming, cycling, and weights. Of course the hardest part is finding a place and time do to these ‘alternates’.
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