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What to do when you’re bored

Distance: 0.09km Time: 0:01 Pace: 6’31” kCal: 7 Heart: 117/123 RPE: 5 Type: 343-10

Yesterday I went out for my long run. It’s been a while since I considered my weekend run a long run with everything that’s been going on. But things worked out in the sense that, my friend said she couldn’t make it and my wife decided that a warm comfortable bed is better than hitting the pavement at 5am amongst heavy crashing waves, blowing sand, and surfer dudes down by the beach.

So off I went all excited and determined to just do a nice slow-n-easy pace to get my time in. For once I decided that the miles were not important but, rather, the amount of time I put in. My goal was 90 minutes or more. That way, I’d pass into the ‘I’m bored’ part of my running and work on my cognitive perceptions, iron will, lotus of focus, and all those other things that you read about for marathon training.

Get out there and do it. Don’t complain, don’t whine, just have a good time!

So off I went and did my first 30 – 40 minutes like any other training run.
Then the boredom started to settle in…
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Week 4 – Twisted my Ankle

I don’t know how people can do it. My runs at the moment are very small and I’m still just starting on my Marathon training. But I’m finding it hard to get the time in to do my runs and to eat properly (and to eat at the right hours).

This last week I had little sleep due to a few 4-hour travel days jumping between Irvine and San Diego – leaving early, returning late, and then doing more work in the wee hours of the morning. But when I need to work, I work. I know I’ll be able get my runs in, it’s not a question of priority, simply organizational skills and multitasking. To complicate matters, I sprained my ankle mid-week getting into a cab at the train station. I’m such a clutz!

So while I had a great run on Monday in the rain, it ended up being my only run for the week!

Then I was hoping to get out Friday morning, but took the advice of fellow runners and skipped it. Saturday morning, I went down to the boardwalk around Newport Pier and did a few little 2 to 5 minute easy jogs to see how my ankle was.

My ankle seemed pretty good and of course it was raining; when the rest of the week it was nice, I might add!
But I had the running-itch to get out, especially when taking the train back from San Diego. I could see all the runners out along the beach trials an hour before sunset. I was like a puppy dog staring out the window wanting to go out and play.

Hmmm… I marked those places on the map, so I plan to check them out in the following weeks. So that’s it, not too exciting for a week of training. Total miles for the week, including the Pasadena10k – 14 miles.

I’m hoping that next week will be a ‘normal’ training week.