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The shoes go back and I feel free

Distance: 7.52km Time: 0:53 Pace: 7’09” kCal: 778 Heart: 144/160 RPE: 6 Type: (454-13) 4 miler

Yesterday was great, but the shoes go back

Yes, that’s me in the green… Now!
And yes, this is a continuation of Darn Nike and Squeaky shoes.

But more importantly, I have to confess that last week was a challenge for me. Everything was going great until I got sick on August 22. It took me over three weeks to recover and last week when I went out for my runs, it was like I was at mile marker 0. My runs were tough and one day out for a 10k, I was running so slow that it seemed like I was walking.

But I know now that it was mostly psychological. My RPE was high, my motivation low, and heart rate right where is should be.

So after some great twitter pep talks from a fellow enthusiast and inspirational quotes like getting off our butts, I got out in the rain and did 7k (before the Nano died).

I ditched my new squeaky New Balance running shoes, put on my spare Nike shoes and listened to my tunes (I’ve been running without tunes for months).

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Starting Week – The Unexpected 1/2 Marathon

So last week was kind of a crazy week.
I’m in the middle of my first week of Marathon training now and today is a rest day. I know I was supposed to write this entry at the end of the week but the weekend really was crazy!

Let me tell you why…

The week itself went like clockwork. I was able to get out on my running days and did 5k for each run. Again, I’m in no rush to push the miles, so an extra week to get my body all set up was a good idea. Especially because of what happened on the weekend!

Saturday morning I was up and ready. But today was different, I was going to go golfing (back-nine), have some Pho (Vietnamese soup), and then do a nice 5k walk to digest before my 5k run along the Newport Beach boardwalk.

Well everything worked out great. Until… I went to get my car keys and found that they were no longer in my race pouch! The only place they could have fallen out was at the 5k turn-around, since that was where I put my tunes on to start my run.

Oh No!!!

Nothing I could do, but to go back to the 5k turn-around and look for them. By now I was a little tired after walking on the golf course and completing 10k! But then the post-depression kicked in!
No luck in finding them, which meant calling the AAA (luckily I keep a spare key in the car or it could have been a real disaster).

Of course on the return trip, I just wasn’t ready for all this distance-stuff and my knees started to hurt – they hurt when I walk but not when I run… go figure.

But nonetheless, I ended up doing a ½ marathon that day! Ha! I did it! What a surprise!
Of course about two-thrids of it was walking, but I’m not going to tell any one if you don’t!

I must say though, I did have a number of great workouts at the beginning of the week and 5k/3-milers are starting to be a lot of fun. Oh, and to top things off on Sunday, when I went back for my 10k recovery walk. There they were! My lonely little car keys, sitting nicely on someone’s fence, just waiting for me to pick ‘em up. Thank you to whoever found them.

Thank you – thank you – thank you!
What a great way to end the week and get mentally psyched for my first week of Marathon Training.