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Week 6 – In Canada

It was hot a humid in Canada.
Plus with all the jet lag and work, it was very hard to get out and run. Only had a few days to run before the Amy Thompson Run on Memorial day, too.

Now THAT was HOT and HUMID!

I was really out of my element there. I thought I only had a weakness for hills, but after this last week, I realized how spoiled I am living in Southern California where the weather is usually dry.

But now I’m back from my trip and feel like I can sleep for a week. I didn’t get to run that much either, so that might be another reason for feeling so tired.

Hmmm… as for sleeping all next week, seems to me that I still need to wake up for my runs.

Week 5 – Before my trip

So this was the last week I could train locally before my trip to Canada. It rained on Monday during my 3 mile run and poured on Tuesday during my 4 mile run. Wow, you’d think that after the Pasadena run last weekend we’d have enough rain.

But that’s okay. I managed to put a few runs in before going on my trip because I knew I’d have a busy schedule. And boy was I right. After arriving on Montreal my running routine became a thing of the past.

So let’s see how next week goes.