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I booked my Hotel for Portland

Distance: 12.43km Time: 1:11 Pace: 6’42 kCal: 1044 Heart: 143/165 RPE: 5 Type: 10k

I’m so excited.

It’s only a few months until the Portland Marathon and I finally called up and booked my hotel.
The flight’s already booked and after going to the Portland Marathon web site, I’m getting even more motivated because there are a lot things going on that weekend.


I’ll be staying at the hotel that has the Health Expo (and get Hilton Honor Points!). Plus, the starting line is only a few blocks away.

I must admit that I’ve been getting ‘cold feet’ about things since my knee has been causing problems. But after reading about the course and how friendly it is for first-timers like me, the worries have all gone away. As a matter of fact, I was so excited that my run on the weekend ended up being a lot of fun – and… no post knee problems at all (i.e., swelling, popping, etc). This week I’m back on track and looking forward to all my training runs. And I’m really looking forward to my long run next weekend!

And as for Portland, I have a friend that’s now living there that I haven’t seen in almost 10 years. I’m hoping we’ll meet up after the race. It’ll be a great reward after doing 26.1 miles!

Only a few months to go and it’s going to be fun!

Week 6 PT – A new notch in my belt

Another week under my belt. And I might add that I’m using a new notch in my belt too; one that I hadn’t used for quite some time! I must admit though, that this last week was a bit of a challenge for me. Because I was out of town on business, it was a little difficult for me to get my runs in.

A new town, hotter, more humid, a 3 hour time change to boot, and the jet lag!
I’m glad there was a gym where I was staying so I could use the treadmill. That helped a lot. As for the motivation to keep up my routine, it’s still touch and go – I need to keeping working on this. But on a positive note, it still feels great after I get my run in. Just thinking of that feeling when I wake up is enough to get me out of bed early and go do it!

Treadmill Running and the Hilton Orlando

Distance: 6.06km Time: 0:46 Pace: 7’36 kCal: 528 Heart: 143/155 RPE: 5 Type: 1×30+8min (5k)
After days of insane schedules, meetings and seminars, it was finally time to sit back, take a breather, and de-stress. And what better way to do it, than by using the fitness center of the hotel to take a run and do some light cross training with weights.

When coming to the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, Florida, I envisioned myself getting up early every morning, going down to the gym, and methodically doing my runs. Afterwards, I would hit the shower, have a light breakfast (with lots of fruit), and be ready in plenty of time for the 9:30 am opening Keynote speakers. Besides, when you plan what hotel your staying based on the type of equipment they have in the fitness center, you know you’re an exercise freak and will be using all the equipment everyday during your stay, right?!?… WRONG!

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