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Week 3 PT – Stomach Flu

I’m just getting over the stomach flu and was out of commission for a few days (Thr/Fri). The good part is that one day was a recovery day. And boy, that was a recovery day! I stayed in bed wrapped up trying to keep warm. What really amazes me is how I did not eat all day and still have the same body weight 24 hours later!

So how was the week? Stomach flu aside, it was GREAT! I did my runs like clockwork and felt really good. The weather’s not been very good (cold rains) but that didn’t deter me from getting out. As a matter of fact, this week was definitely better than last week’s training. I was short one run, but tomorrow I’m looking forward to doing it… hopefully down on the boardwalk. I’ve been reading my Chi Running book and I’m excited to try out some new things that I’ve learned.