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The 5k Coaster Fun Run was a blast!

Distance: 5.00km Time: 0:33 Pace: 6’40 kCal: 571 Heart: 149/166 RPE: 6+ Type: 5k Race

Wow. What a lot of fun last Sunday was!
My first running race in years and I was actually able to get some sleep the night before. So when the alarm went off at 5:45am, I was already up and ready to go. The fact that I’ve been doing my walks and runs in the mornings for the last month helps with that too.

For my wife, well…
She likes her sleep on the weekends.
But today was different. I secretly enrolled her into the 5k as well. Since she’s years younger than me (and in much better shape, I might add) I knew that she’d love to join me on my first 5k race towards a marathon.

And… whew… I was right!


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Coaster Run 2011 – Let’s help these kids

On March 27 I’ll be running a 5k event that goes through Knots Berry Farm in Southern California.

It’s called the Coaster Run and at the same time I’ve set up a fundraising page where people can go and donate a dollar here and there. The proceeds will go to the Speech and Language Development Center which is a non-profit school and therapy center that helps challenged children live a more healthier and happy lifestyle.

The children have a variety of inhibiting conditions such as Autism and Down’s Syndrome or have severe trouble speaking, seeing, and hearing.

So while I’m one track to run my marathon, it’s even more fullfilling to know that when you do run, you can run for a worthy cause.

By the time March 27th comes around, I’ll be finished with my pre-training and a 5k run should fit in nicely with my schedule as well. With this charity event coming up, I’m even more motivated that before!