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The OC Fair 5k Fun Run

As in our family tradition, every year we go out and do the Orange Country Fair Fun Run. This was to be my first race since I started training for the Marathon – but wait… it’s not really a race… just a Fun Run!

So this year we invited some non-runner friends to join us.


Knowing the routine, we got to the race 10 minutes before it started taking a back road to the fairgrounds. The great part about this is that everybody is already at the race and there are no huge line ups.

We walked to the front, took a quick photo and then found our friends. The race started and off we went.

The first 1k around the parking lot actually involves a little running as everyone is trying to ‘position’ themselves. Then once we got into the fair, it was time to have fun and win some prizes at the stalls. I was lucky enough to win a little piggy (this year’s mascot) at the basketball hop challenge and then off we went, stopping for a slide run a little later and then jamming with Pikucho (another tradition).

Total time was an hour where the actual run/walk time (not waiting in the event lines) was around 40 minutes. Unfortunately, we never saw our friends. Apparently they didn’t know it was a Fun Run and(12 year old) Bryan  took off and ran the whole thing. His mother then took off after him and the father? Well… he was a little smarter and took his time to enjoy things. Bryan’s mother completed the run in 42 minutes. Not bad for someone who has never run before! Yet, for some reason, we didn’t hear from them all week, only to find out later that they were moving slowly around from day to day with muscle aches all over their bodies. LOL – Yes, definitely been there, done that! So I don’t think they will be joining us for another race anytime soon.

But all in all, it was a fun time and we got some cool finisher medals!


The OC Fair 5k Fun Run

Distance: 5km Time: 0:33 Pace: 6’29 kCal: 579 Heart: 155/163 RPE: 5 Type: 5k Race

I took this weekend easy and signed up for the Orange County (OC) 5k Fun Run and Walk.

I did this event last year and ended up walking some of it, so I have this feeling of coming full circle. This time, however, the 5k was not difficult and I ended up taking it nice and easy, pretending that it was just one of my weekly training runs.

There were a lot more people this year, too. Probably because it was only one event instead of two. And…

There was a traffic jam for the first 1 mile!

I ended up being a little slower than usual, but that was due to the congestion of people.


The fun part of this event was that I got a (non-running) friend of ours to join the event.
And of course, my wife joined me as well so we had a fantastic time!

More Photos Here
The first mile was around the parking lot and the last two miles were inside the amusement park.

It was a lot of fun running through the fair and checking out the rides with nobody on them. Thirty-three minutes later (yes, my famous 33 minute runs!)… it was all done and we got free admission into the fair before it officially opened. They also gave us an additional ticket that we can use anytime over the next week. Pretty cool…

I also posted a few other pictures online. Hope you have time to check them out!

Taking it Easy

Distance: 12.26km Time: 2:11 Pace: 10’42 kCal: 1024 Heart: N/A RPE: 3 Type: Recovery

Wow – Another week!?!
Just like that. Work has been keeping me waaaay too busy, and it’s getting hard to find the time to get out and run.

But, I’m still dedicated and I even got a (non-running) friend psyched to come out and join me last weekend for an 8 mile (12k) walk-n-run in Newport Beach. Newport Beach has some amazing sunsets, by-the-way.

Yes. You heard me right. Walk-n-Run!
Thanks to all my Twitter, Blog, Facebook, and local friends for support and advise. I’m talking it easy and enjoying my ‘outings’. This coming weekend I’ll be doing a little 5k race at the OC Fair. Not so much for running as for getting free admission into the Orange County Fair. Howz THAT for motivation!?!

I did this event last year. Wow – last year…
Needless to say I was a non-runner back then and could only run half of it. 5k is now a piece of cake and it’s part of my regular running schedule. But still, one week to go before seeing the knee specialist, so I won’t push it… I plan on taking it as a regular daily run and get my free admission – Yeah!

Speeding it up with Nike Splits

Distance: 7.14km Time: 0:53 Pace: 7’26 kCal: 742 Heart: 134/153 RPE: 6 Type: 5k (2x Lake)

So this is my first serious run after doing the 10k last weekend. I had to stop for a few days because I developed a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage on my left eye. I’m not really sure what caused it, but it was recommended that I hold off a few days on doing any intense exercise.

Of course I could have gone out for a walk, but sleeping an extra hour Tuesday morning felt so much better at the time!


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The 5k Coaster Fun Run was a blast!

Distance: 5.00km Time: 0:33 Pace: 6’40 kCal: 571 Heart: 149/166 RPE: 6+ Type: 5k Race

Wow. What a lot of fun last Sunday was!
My first running race in years and I was actually able to get some sleep the night before. So when the alarm went off at 5:45am, I was already up and ready to go. The fact that I’ve been doing my walks and runs in the mornings for the last month helps with that too.

For my wife, well…
She likes her sleep on the weekends.
But today was different. I secretly enrolled her into the 5k as well. Since she’s years younger than me (and in much better shape, I might add) I knew that she’d love to join me on my first 5k race towards a marathon.

And… whew… I was right!


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My First 5K

Distance: 9.15km Time: 1:10 Pace: 7’39 kCal: 692 Heart: 130/155 RPE: 5 Type: 1×30+10min

Okay, I know that it’s only supposed to be a 30 minute run, but I really wanted to see if I could go the distance. I started out like every other run, but then after my 25 minute mark, I started day-dreaming and before I knew it, I already passed my 30 minutes. I know I’m a slow poke, so I didn’t get to 5k yet. Besides, I was running around the local reservoir and know that 1 lap is just over 2.5k. Since I started my pre-training I’ve been very good at not looking at my distance – only running based on time. But in this case, I knew I was short for 5k.

So, me being…. ME! I decided to see if I could go the distance and complete two laps. That would put me over 5k. My first 5k running all the way. Yoo-hoo! Then I’d know that I’m ready for the 5k coming up next week!

So less than 40 minutes later I completed 2 laps and decided to walk four more kilometers as part of my recovery. Did I ever find out what my time was for doing the 5k part? No. Does it matter? Hmm… not really… at least not yet. Instead, I was just happy that I got to go around 2 times. What a great way to start my last week of pre-training!