My RPE Scale

Perceived Rate of Exertion

When performing any exercise it’s good idea to make a diary of your training and to comment on how you felt during the workout. And that’s what I’ve done here.

However, there so many different RPE scales (the Borg Scale, New Borg Scale, Borg CR10, etc.) that it can get confusing to know which one to use. So having gone through all the different scales and reading what other runners are doing, I decided to make my own scale to make it easier for me to remember..

Besides, it’s more fun!

Level Description
0 I’m sleeping. Leave me alone.
0.5 I’m sitting in my favorite chair reading a book next to the fireplace.
1 I’m walking on a beautiful spring morning, pausing to listening to the birds sing and smiling.
2 I’m definitely on a mission, but I can do this all day.
3 I’m doing okay, feeling, good, but starting to sweat a little and breathing though my mouth.
4 I’m sweating a little more, but I don’t mind talking to the person next to me.
5 Starting to feel a little uncomfortable and don’t want to talk to the person next to me.
Sweating more.
6 Okay, stop talking. I’m not listening.
My response will always be… ok, uh-huh, or sure.
7 I’m really sweating now and have to focus on my breathing.
I need a new hat.
8 Why am I doing this? I think I will slow down or stop soon.
9 OMG – is that my heart pounding or is it a train crossing the tracks.
I’m going to die.
10 I’m dead!
* Feel free to modify this table to your liking and to use it in your own training