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Wow – I did that!

Distance: 10.02km Time: 1:21 Pace: 8’07 kCal: 953 Heart: N/A RPE: 4 Type: Pain Assessment

Wow – I did that!

It was another good day.
After going to the doctor I got pissed off that I’ve got this knee problem.
I rested a little and then started out walking a bit last weekend.
I was out 5 days in a row taking it easy and then did a little running.



Well, after I got invited for a run around the lake with another runner (a first for me), I decided that I need to really stop moaning about my problems and get out there – without killing myself (I might add).

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Coaster Run 2011 – Let’s help these kids

On March 27 I’ll be running a 5k event that goes through Knots Berry Farm in Southern California.

It’s called the Coaster Run and at the same time I’ve set up a fundraising page where people can go and donate a dollar here and there. The proceeds will go to the Speech and Language Development Center which is a non-profit school and therapy center that helps challenged children live a more healthier and happy lifestyle.

The children have a variety of inhibiting conditions such as Autism and Down’s Syndrome or have severe trouble speaking, seeing, and hearing.

So while I’m one track to run my marathon, it’s even more fullfilling to know that when you do run, you can run for a worthy cause.

By the time March 27th comes around, I’ll be finished with my pre-training and a 5k run should fit in nicely with my schedule as well. With this charity event coming up, I’m even more motivated that before!


February is American Heart Month

Did you know that February is American Heart Month?
Since Feb. 14 is valentine’s day I guess it kinda makes sense and…
dark chocolate is good for the heart after all!

But I also think this makes February the perfect excuse to get out and do some exercise. Okay, for you canuks, just walking to the bus stop in the middle of winter is probably enough work, but did you know that over 90% of women have more than one risk factor for developing heart disease? And if you want to talk about us guys… oh… scarry… very scary.

So no matter where you are, try to do a little more this month. Go out for a few extra walks, eat less red meat and more fish and chicken, get a massage or simply indulge in something that can give you a little relief from everyday stress – that indulgence doesn’t include eating red meat of course!

Every little bit counts towards a happier and healthier heart.