Blaine's Weekly Review

Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Weights

Distance: 12.28km Time: 1:54 Pace: 9’20 kCal: 973 Heart: N/A RPE: 1 Type: heel recovery

As some of you know, I’ve been having some problems with heal pain (plantar fasciitis) and I’ve been switching between different running shoes to try to find the right comfort and support along with taping, stretching, and ultrasound.

I think my running shoes were the culprit… and though I love running in them, they are a little big and make my heal move too much. Another contribution to this problem and that I’ve neglected any type of cool-down and  proper stretching exercises. Silly, silly me!

So, to avoid making things worse, I’m not running too much and looking to off set my training with swimming, cycling, and weights. Of course the hardest part is finding a place and time do to these ‘alternates’.

Cycling – that’s always fun and I have no trouble doing 10-15 miles in the mornings before work. I plan to do this more than 2 times a week in the upcoming months.

Swimming – well, I did head to open water to swim my 30-45 min routines. But even with a wet suit, goggles, and swim cap, the water is just too cold for my ears! I’m still looking for a good set of earplugs as the last ones failed miserably. I’m still trying to find an indoor pool close to home where I can get some good lap time in. But for next week, I’ve got that covered as I’ll be in San Diego and hope to monopolize on the hotel pool during some pre-dawn workouts.

As for a good pair of ear plugs… Anybody have suggestions?

Weights – Just doing a few simple things such as10 pushups/km during my 5-7km runs. I follow this with a 20-minute upper body workout. As for other weight training, I might end up going to a gym for a few months – one with a pool!?! Hmmm… let’s see if the Omni Hotel in San Diego will help. If things work out, I won’t loose too much down time for the 2013 season.

If any one has some ideas of what to do while I get my foot rested, let me know.

2 Comments to “Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Weights”

  1. I’ve been having the same problem. Icing has really helped and hasn’t affected my routine… yet! Nest of luck and let us know what’s happening.

    • Thanks Pete – I’ve been icing and doing ultrasound.
      Did 12k on the weekend – and regretting it (just a little)… it’s gonna be awhile… But thanks for the info… Blaine