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Happy Birthday Canada – Summer Training Begins

Distance: 21.5km Time: 3:22 Pace: 8’32 kCal: 2195 Heart: 142/169 RPE: 3-4 Type: Interval Training

Happy Birthday Canada!

Around this time of year I love being a Canadian from Québec living in the US. I celebrate St Jean Baptist (La Fête nationale du Québec) on June 24, Canada Day on July 1st, and Independence Day on July 4th.

It really gets me in the mood for summer and we try to plan a week vacation away from our daily lives. A few years ago it was Hawaii, last year it was Cancun. Of course that means planning 330 days in advanced, since I try to use my air miles to go somewhere! But, this year, we weren’t so lucky.


I was so focused on my Marathon training 330 days ago that I missed a chance to get any good (aka FREE) deals to fly out this year.

So how does this all fit in with my training?
Well… Kona HI got me hooked on the Iron Man. Cancun MX was a great place to do hill (and stair) training. But this year we are going to be more local. A car trip up north to wine country, then run in the rolling hills and vineyards. I’m sure there will be a few vineyards-style suicide hills on this trip, but that’s perfect for what I plan to do this fall.

I’m not sure we will make for the 15k Semana Nautica in Santa Barbara (with a 2.5-3hr car ride it means we have to leave before 5am to get there in time), but I’ve done crazier things.

But for now, today is June 1st.
Yesterday I wrapped up the with a 1/2 marathon distance (4x15min, 4x10min, recovery = 24.5km).
Now, it’s my official start day of summer training. And that means, get up before sunrise and if possible… get to the beach, use the marine layer, and run in 61-65°F weather before it gets to 90°F a few hours later. It also means, it’s time to get my bike out and to start planning my triathlon (er… cross-) training… okay… and start swimming in COLD open water without a wet suit.

Yeah Summer!
Let’s see how we do.

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