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47,000 Steps

Distance: 6.36km Time: 00:59 Pace: 9’23” kCal: 526 Heart: NA RPE: 3 Type: Tapper

Only a few more days and I’m excited and…
a little nervous.

Yesterday I was planning to go out for a light jog, but just as I was about to go, it started to pour rain. So I decided it was better to stay in and not chance getting sick like I did last time. Good choice, because today was an amazing morning. I went just to get my feet moving and realized that I’ve got a tooth ache that shoots a small pain every time my foot hits the pavement. It’s happened before, so I’m thinking it’s just a little subconscious stress.

Hmmm… but that will be about 47,500 steps in the marathon.

How do I know? Well, I decided to find out this morning and ran through a puddle. Then I walked through it. I measured my stride over three steps for both and took the average (yes I brought a tape measure – precognitive, right?). It’s very short (35 inches). So, at 1,661,220 inches/marathon (thank you google), then divide by 35… that comes out to nearly 47,500 steps! (and that’s why I went to graduate school!).

Okay enough with the math. I’m not worried about the tooth… and I know from experience, it’s very hard to count my steps while I’m running and focusing on my breathing.

Looking back on my journey from that first day, to the horrible treadmill workouts, to where I am today… it’s been an amazing time.

Only a few more days to go!

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