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The shoes go back and I feel free

Distance: 7.52km Time: 0:53 Pace: 7’09” kCal: 778 Heart: 144/160 RPE: 6 Type: (454-13) 4 miler

Yesterday was great, but the shoes go back

Yes, that’s me in the green… Now!
And yes, this is a continuation of Darn Nike and Squeaky shoes.

But more importantly, I have to confess that last week was a challenge for me. Everything was going great until I got sick on August 22. It took me over three weeks to recover and last week when I went out for my runs, it was like I was at mile marker 0. My runs were tough and one day out for a 10k, I was running so slow that it seemed like I was walking.

But I know now that it was mostly psychological. My RPE was high, my motivation low, and heart rate right where is should be.

So after some great twitter pep talks from a fellow enthusiast and inspirational quotes like getting off our butts, I got out in the rain and did 7k (before the Nano died).

I ditched my new squeaky New Balance running shoes, put on my spare Nike shoes and listened to my tunes (I’ve been running without tunes for months).

Gone was my feeling a despair, gone were my thoughts of when I can quit, gone were all the negative thoughts about being sick, running slow, squeaky shoes or worrying about having knee pain.

A runner’s feeling…
A feeling of freedom & no worries

I just got out and ran, listened to my music, enjoyed the rain on my face, and didn’t care about the distance or time. It was a feeling that I almost forgot. A feeling of freedom, a feeling of no worries…

I’m so glad that I rediscovered that feeling. Sure my heart rate was over the roof (I pushed it), but it’s been 24 hours and no muscle pains and I still feel great!

I wanted to go out into the rain today to beat yesterday’s run, but tomorrow is my long run. And I plan on doing it. Not a 20 miler because I’m behind schedule. But enough to enjoy that runner’s feeling and to enjoy Portland in a few weeks.

P.S. I’m thinking of doing the Disney World Marathon in January.
An early Christmas present for my wife. Okay, okay really for me, but Disney will be fun, no?!?

Anyone want to join us?

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