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Got my running shoes – New Balance 2160

Distance: 5.66km Time: 0:40 Pace: 7’10” kCal: 590 Heart: N/A RPE: 5 Type: recovery 5k

Yahoo! I finally got my shoes today.
After running 5k this morning in the hot sun, I decided that it was time to make my feet happy!

After putting over 600 miles on my Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13s it was time to say goodbye. It’s like seeing an old friend off at the airport, switching to a new pillow, or loosing that favorite worn-out-full-off holes sweater or jeans that’s been through so much with you.

My Nikes knew me well. They took me from a non-runner to running 20 miles a week. They’ve been through a lot and have traveled from coast to coast. Adios Amigos!

Sorry to see you go, but I knew that they weren’t going to make it before the Portland Marathon. And this time I decided to head on down to Roadrunner Sports to get fitted properly before getting my next pair of shoes. I was fixated on getting either the Asics gel-nimbus 13 or Nike vomero 6 shoes. But I also thought that I fixed my running gate so as to not over pronate.

It looks like I still over-pronate so I went for a stability shoe.
Well, videos don’t lie, and while I thought I was running pretty straight, I was still pronating a little with my left foot. Rats! Roadrunner even noticed that my right ankle was less flexible than my left. Hmmmm… how did they know?!? I do get a little stiff on my right ankle and did have some bad sprains playing volleyball and basketball when I was younger.

So they fitted me up after the gait analysis and brought me over to try a number of shoes. They were pretty tolerant of me coming in right after my run – but at least I switched hats (the one I ran with was totally drenched) and I switch over to a fresh pair of socks! I’m so considerate!

I took my time and tried all types – keeping an open mind.
But in truth, it was also great to sit down and rest in an air-conditioned store, too! Whew…

Nothing beats getting fitted. Every runner should do it.
I really had my mind setup for a Nike of Asics brand, but ended up getting the New Balance 1260s.
It’s a wider shoe than my previous ones (as was recommended) and has more stability and cushioning around the ball of the foot.

But simply put, I just fell in love with them over any of the other shoes (sorry guys).

They truly fit great and I’m looking to giving them a little run tomorrow (4-5 miles). Let’s see how they feel at the end of the week, too.

I’ve already put a new Nike + sensor in a pouch and added it to the shoes, so I can record the shoes’ mileage, my pace, distance, etc… All that’s left to do is transfer over my orange laces!

Yeah! Should be a fun run tomorrow.

3 Comments to “Got my running shoes – New Balance 2160”

  1. Wow. That’s great news. I’m glad you finally got your runners after been sick for so long. Enjoy tomorrow’s run and let us know how the week goes!

  2. 3 pairs ago I ran with Asics Gel Nimbus and did the RR shoe dog today. I ended up with same shoe! How is yours so far??

    • I did the shoe dog, too and I was really hoping for the Nimbus. But these shoes actually went back and I was recommended another pair (that wasn’t in stock). I’m back to some old-friend Nike’s (Nike Air Max+) for now. I even tried the Nike Men’s Zoom Equalon+ 4 but found them too tight and I ended up getting some serious ankle pains.