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How long is a marathon?

Distance: 5.55km Time: 0:40 Pace: 7’14” kCal: 605 Heart: 147/159 RPE: 7 Type: 5k tempo

How long is a marathon?
Okay,  so I’m a little confused.

But, this last week has been pretty good. I did my long run in the weee hours of Sunday morning and after 3 hours, I still felt good. Physically exhausted, but no swelling around the knees or pain around the ankles.

To this day I still don’t see how I could have injured myself after just 30 minutes of running, when on Sunday I had no troubles for 3 hours.


The only problem I had was thinking that 13.1 miles was 23km. I couldn’t understand why I was 10 minutes over my goal at 23km (and I push the last 3km as to not have such a slow time)? That bummed me out for the rest of my run. But of course my wife pointed out AFTER I got home that 23km is NOT a ½ marathon. Oops…

Okay, so let’s face it. How easy is it really… to convert miles to km in a middle of a run with sweating dipping into your eyes and just trying to focus putting one foot in front of the other?

I rested Monday (just did a short 5k walk), ran yesterday and did some lap training today to get my speed/pace up. FYI – I refuse to call it fartlek training in case I jinx myself with another injury!

So all’s well for now and I’m enjoying my runs again. I’m off to see the specialist next Monday for the final results about my knee and if I can run this marathon. But, I think the first thing I need to do is…
Know how far a marathon really is!

It’s 50km, right?


2 Comments to “How long is a marathon?”

  1. I think your injury was underlying and first made its shout-out during that 30 minute run. If you had no problem during 3 hours it’s because you got stronger legs in the meantime. That’s my theory, I’m not a scientist or a doctor.

  2. I have to agree with you. I do feel good though. Just a little upset that I had setbacks along the way. Have a great time in the Chicago – 2 weeks!