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And the Doctor Said…

It took me a while to make this post because I wasn’t too sure of what to think and what to say about my experience.

First he was very good and the people at the clinic were in a good mood. Of course being the first there at 8am did have its advantages.

They took some extra X-rays and the knee specialists did a lot (and I mean a lot) of bending on my left knee.

He asked me what was wrong and I felt a little sheepish. After all, after waiting a whole month to see him, there was no swelling and hardly any pain. He then looked at me right knee to get a comparison and ended up telling me that my right leg as worse than my left. Huh? Go figure.

He then said that I have mild arthritis and that I was a little bow-legged. WHAT? ME? That’s for old people I told him. Then of course he gave me one of those ‘looks’. Alright, so he’s about 15 years younger than me and, well… I will be turing 50 this year… Okay… I can accept the arthritis part, but… BOW LEGGED!?! Hmmm… anybody know of any bow-legged runners out there? Looks like there’s a new one on the block here!

See you in 3 weeks with the MRI results
All in all, he was very positive with me. Keep icing, keep heating, keep stretching (uhm… I’m very bad at stretching). But just be careful and “see you in 3 weeks with the MRI results”. In the meantime, get X-rays for the right leg, too. Oh boy. More time off from work!

Now… all this last week my right knee cap has been popping, so I’ve been taking it a bit easy. But, this weekend I plan on putting in a few lost miles. Today was just a 12k walk to see how the knees are on a longer distance. I did my stretching and ice wraps and everything seems good so far. So tomorrow I’ll do my run.

But, as for what the doctor really thinks about my knee (or knees), I’ll have to wait another three weeks. Uhg!

At least he didn’t say stop walking or running like the last doc I saw a few years ago!

May be he’s just trying to motivate me to get out there more.
Well, it’s working. Nobody calls me bow-legged! Hmmm…
At least he said I was in good shape!

Looking forward to my run tomorrow.

3 Comments to “And the Doctor Said…”

  1. I had a Doctor make the same diagnosis. I was prescribed walking which eventually led to running. I can honestly say I have been almost pain free after I started my walking program. I also believe (my opinion)I had a muscle imbalance. I fixed the imbalance through a proper resistance training program. I do hope you find a solution to your knee problems. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading. Oh, by the way I am also “bow legged.” and so his Dean Karnazes (Ultra-marathon man).


    • That’s great to hear! Resistance training can truly be a miracle.
      Us bow legged guys gotta stick together!