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Don’t you just hate it when…

Distance: 6.00km Time: 0:49 Pace: 8’17 kCal: 579 Heart: 133/157 RPE: 4 Type: 343-10

Wow. What a beautiful morning. I woke up a little after 5am and the fog was so thick it reminded me of a perfect Halloween. Or in this case, a perfect morning for a run!

The temperature was in the low 60s and the sprinkling of moisture was perfect so I couldn’t tell if it was the weather or me sweating!

So off I went. A mile and a bit to the reservoir and then a nice run two times around the lake.


I could only see 50 feet in front of me and that was great ‘cuz I didn’t have to think about how far I had to go. Just keep going and enjoying.

My breathing was good and I felt that I could run for hours. Then all of a sudden it hit me.

Out of the blue – I had to go. Not the little boy’s room, but the big boy’s!

And of course it happens in the middle of nowhere and the farthest from my home. Waaaa…
There’s nothing more embarrassing than running by someone whose walking his dog and then all of a sudden stopping a few yards in front of them (trying to focus). They walk by… they look at you. You get it under control, run a little, pass them by, have to stop again… they walk by, look at you (a little weirdly), you run again, pass them by…  After about 3-4 times (and three weird stares) I had to resign to Mother Nature and head back home.

This is the third time in a row this has happened! Man!!!
The last two times there was a public restroom nearby. This time? Not so lucky. Tomorrow?
I’ve got to think of a new strategy. Where’s a port-a-potty when you need one!

Whoever thought the technical aspects of running could be so… “complicated”!

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