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Hi – I’m back running again

Distance: 8.07km Time: 1:07 Pace: 8’21 kCal: 767 Heart: N/A RPE: 3-5 Type: Pain Assesment

Hello every one.
I’m back.
Well… sort of back.

I had some serious pain and swelling in my left knee and the doctor said…

no running, no walking, no cycling, no jumping, no swimming, no sailing, no scuba diving…


You get the picture. The worse part was that I was going on vacation to the Rivera Maya with great intensions of running along the beach, climbing the great Mayan Ruins, and scuba diving.
Hmmm…. I guess I needed to compromise.

So runs along the beach turned into short strolls with lots of in-pool exercises. The humidity and warm water did wonders for recovery. But I did sneak out to use a Hobbie Cat one afternoon (it was free after all) I refused to not climb some ruins. Okay, it was only a few hundred steps and I took it easy. Coming down I used my good right knee (but he’s complaining now).

After a week of vacationing I felt pretty good.
So last weekend I went out for two 12km walk-n-jogs. I little pain towards the end of the second day, but no swelling and nothing serious. Yesterday I did another walk-n-jog along my regular route and even hooked up with one runner for a quick 1k run at the end.

It felt great to be back, so this morning I headed out again. No I’m not going crazy – though my wife thinks so as she mumbled her opinion under the covers at a little after 5am this morning. I still plan on taking it slow. A nice easy run once around the lake (3k) and another lap ‘n a bit of mostly walking… just to make sure everything was good. Yup – no pain!

As I was walking back, I was asked to join another run group – the ‘regulars’ are always so happy us other ‘not-so-regulars’ out and about. It was nice to feel wanted! But I declined, since I already accomplished my one-hour goal. I’m planning to get out tomorrow morning too, but just for a recovery walk (and well… maybe a little running).

Because of my medical plan, I have to wait until August 9th to see an orthopedic specialist (wish I was back in Canada with ‘normal’ Medicare). But until then, I will take it easy, do nothing crazy, and just try to keep things safe and consistent. It’s a big question about what the Doc’s gonna say about running ‘my marathon’ verses ‘an operation’, but I’m still optimistic that I’ll be able to complete it – even if that means using the Galloway method after mile 18.

Nonetheless, it’s great to be back, but I’ll take it easy and let y’all know how it goes.

3 Comments to “Hi – I’m back running again”

  1. Glad you’re back sort of! Sounds like a great vacation you had too. The pool is an injured runner’s friend!

    • Yes. I love the pool – I even stick my head in the water 😉