July, 2011 Monthly Archive

Newport Beach is a good start

Distance: 12.30km Time: 2:04 Pace: 10’05 kCal: 1072 Heart: N/A RPE: 4 Type: Pain Assessment

So I’ve got 3 months before the marathon and it’s time to start putting in the miles.

Today and tomorrow are 5-6k runs mixed in with 5-6k walks. Then next week it’s all running with some recovery walks outside my regular training.

I know I’m going to be about 3 weeks short on the rest of my training, but I will get all my long runs in before tapering the week before the marathon.

I’ll also have to wait and see what the doctor says about the knee mid-August, but for now I’m planning on going through my routine and build up my mileage. Today’s 5k was a breeze and no pain, so I’ll do a repeat tomorrow and see how it goes.

If all works out, week three will (re)start on Monday!

Running in Paso Robles

Distance: 9.00km Time: 1:17 Pace: 8’35 kCal: 881 Heart: 144 RPE: 6 Type: 1 hour – hills training

It’s been a while since I could go out and run with confidence after my injury last month. So when I snuck out of the hotel just after sunrise, I knew that I was in the right place to get back into the running groove and put my worries behind me.

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Wow – I did that!

Distance: 10.02km Time: 1:21 Pace: 8’07 kCal: 953 Heart: N/A RPE: 4 Type: Pain Assessment

Wow – I did that!

It was another good day.
After going to the doctor I got pissed off that I’ve got this knee problem.
I rested a little and then started out walking a bit last weekend.
I was out 5 days in a row taking it easy and then did a little running.



Well, after I got invited for a run around the lake with another runner (a first for me), I decided that I need to really stop moaning about my problems and get out there – without killing myself (I might add).

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Hi – I’m back running again

Distance: 8.07km Time: 1:07 Pace: 8’21 kCal: 767 Heart: N/A RPE: 3-5 Type: Pain Assesment

Hello every one.
I’m back.
Well… sort of back.

I had some serious pain and swelling in my left knee and the doctor said…

no running, no walking, no cycling, no jumping, no swimming, no sailing, no scuba diving…


You get the picture. The worse part was that I was going on vacation to the Rivera Maya with great intensions of running along the beach, climbing the great Mayan Ruins, and scuba diving.
Hmmm…. I guess I needed to compromise.
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