Blaine's Weekly Review

Week 3 – I wasn’t all there

I did okay this week, but ended up skipping one day because I had the Temecula 10k race coming up for my long run.

Monday was the rest day (from Sunday’s race), then I did my 3 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles on Thursday. I rested Friday and did the Temecula 10k race on Saturday. But I almost missed my Thursday run due to work and ended up running those miles in the evening – finishing just after sunset.

I must admit that I prefer running in the mornings. Thursday evening, I did my miles, but I just wasn’t all there. And looking back on it now, it really seems as though I only did one good run this last week (which was on Tuesday). The long run in Temecula was actually very brutal. You can tell how it scarred me, because I’ve linked to it 3 times in this post!

So it wasn’t a typical training week for me and the total mileage ended up being 15 miles. The good thing is that I get to repeat it again (with out Temecula*) next week.

* See… I linked 4 times! Very scarred!!!

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