Blaine's Weekly Review

Week 8 PT – It’s Getting Easier

So I’ve finished all my pre-training and I think the runs are actually getting easier.
Even my wife came out to run with me a few times!


The key focus of the this last week was to keep conditioning my skeletal system for when I start the marathon training. So it was kind of a simple maintenance week trying to get myself into a regular routine. Even when I was dead tired, I still managed to get out and do my runs (and even fall a sleep, I might add).

I’ve also started to loose more weight, but it’s hard to tell how much, because I think my body never really gains back all the water I loose from the runs. However, I do know that my body is now shifting to the next weight range for my level of activity. It is the runs, is it a change in diet, is it my post-running freshly squeezed juice recipes, or is it combination of all three? The reason is not that important. I’m not looking to loose weight, since my goal is to run a marathon, but it certainly is a nice by-product of the training!

1 Comment to “Week 8 PT – It’s Getting Easier”

  1. Great news that you’re losing weight. Running does amazing things for weight loss!