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TGIF Street Sweepers have Right-of-Way

Distance: 9.96km Time: 1:08 Pace: 7’19 kCal: 985 Heart: 124/140 RPE: 4-5 Type: 4 Miles

I spent long frustrated hours at work this week and for the last two nights ended up going to sleep well after midnight.

But come today, I was up again at 5am and excited to get out and have a fun little 4 mile run, followed by a one mile walk.

I even got my wife out of bed.


That was a great start, but how did I know that the adventure was only just about to begin…

There were not too many people around and the temperature was a perfect 54°F.
I was even running a little faster than usual, and then… I was forced to take a little break after two miles. There was a mean looking Street Cleaner on the sidewalk getting things ready for the weekend. So the choice was to jump out of the way or to get eaten. I chose not to become one with the pavement.

After that bit of excitement, I was off again! I was running happy and trying very hard NOT to keep looking at my new GPS watch. I did pretty good and I’m proud of myself.

And it’s TGIF!
Hmmm… I guess the endorphins are still hanging around my system.
But it’s true that running is a good form of therapy. This run at the end of the week made my mid-week stress – a thing of the past.

But…. I think I pulled my hamstring a little. ‘cuz now, I’m walking a little funny after sitting down for too long (the biceps femoris or semitendinosus for all your medical guys), but then again, I did play with my stride; trying to lengthen it a little and get a better pace…

Or… was I just to trying to catch up to my wife!?!



3 Comments to “TGIF Street Sweepers have Right-of-Way”

  1. Stretch, stretch, stretch! Do you own a foam roller? It’s something you might want to pick up, it helps with those sore leg muscles sometimes.

    • Thanks for the info… No foam roller, but I remember someone talking about using a rolling pin. But defiately, stretching is NOT my strong suit.