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It’s 10k Month!

Okay – I know it’s not May yet, but technically the first run starts May 1st and to make a title like… “It’s one month of 10k racing right after Easter” is a little long. And… to be honest, it’s only three races over the entire month – two of which are actually 10k. But hey, I needed to make the title sound a bit exciting, right!?! And I am excited! Why? Glad you asked!

Yesterday was the big Easter Brunch and today is the start of Week 2 towards my marathon training. That means my long run this coming weekend will be a 6 miler. That’s followed by an 8 miler, then a 9 miler, and so on. Before I know it, my sweet little 6 milers (aka 10ks) will become a thing of the past… forever locked away in my memory (hopefully not like the dreaded treadmill nightmares when I first started so many months ago).

I will make this 10k transition a pleasant and happy journey by expanding my training a few extra weeks. This will allow me to fit in all my busy (work and play) travel days coming up over the summer. And, when the running gets intense on those 3 hour Saturday runs, I need not worry about being on a plane or traveling by car.

So for the the next 3 weeks I plan on getting rid of all those extra pounds that mysteriously appeared yesterday and to truly enjoy the 10k runs on the weekends as they come up.

This will also be a good opportunity to see what type of races are out there for a beginner like me. Then who knows? A year later I might do them again and see how I’ve improved! The first two are local and the last one is in Kansas City. It’s an 8k run and I’ll be stopping over on my way back from Montreal – so what a fun way to spend Memorial Day morning, right?

Here is my list of upcoming races…

May 1st – Cinco de Mayo (Irvine CA) · Completed 1h09m
May 7th – Temecula Wine Country run (Temecula CA)
May 30th –  Amy Thompson Run for Brain Injury (Kansas City)

So, if any of you savvy runners are going to be at any of these locals, let me know and let’s do a photo opp!



3 Comments to “It’s 10k Month!”

  1. Busy month for ya! Good luck in all of your races. Looking forward to your recaps.

  2. Blaine, just wanted to wish you luck on your 10k this weekend! You’ll do great!