Blaine's Running Journal

Donuts this weekend!

Distance: 9.5km Time: 1:20 Pace: 8’26 kCal: 873 Heart: 133/163 RPE: 7 Type: 2x10min
First time out after two runs on the treadmill. I was wondering how I’d do since it was my first run outside around the reservoir. I got out pretty late this morning, so I didn’t see many of the regulars. I also had to cut it short at the end in order to make it back in time for work. It’d sure be nice if we could all have 3-day weekends, no?

All in all, I felt pretty good that I could pull this off first thing on a Friday morning. That makes going into the weekend even more exciting. The forecast is for rain, but I’m hoping it’ll hold off a little bit. My plan is to do my runs on the boardwalk between the Newport and Balboa piers. Even though there are usually a lot of cyclists, it’s always nice to run alongside the ocean around sunrise. Besides, it’s the only time I can justify having a coffee and donut!

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